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This is our tech/geek shop. Our original designs highlight technology and the way it touches our everyday lives.  Categories include environmental tech, maritime tech, domestic tech, holiday tech, geek tech, text tech, transportation tech and more. We also offer a variety of unique holiday and special occasion t-shirts, apparel and gifts perfect for family, friends and co-workers.

  • What's Your Tale Nightingale? What's Your Tale Nightingale? Here's a design that joins a 1950's, what's new, what's the story phrase with the current gotta have a cell phone craze. Find this perfectly pink phone and this let's talk bird on t-shirts and gifts.
  • Free Shipping! Free Shipping! Has this ever happened to you? You've found the perfect gift, with a great sale, including FREE SHIPPING! But after going through online check-out, the price is much higher than what it should be with free shipping. You read the fine print and discover your particular item is listed in the fine print exclusions. It's always something! Don't forget to read the fine print!
  • Sewing Thimble-ism Sewing Thimble-ism If your hobby or profession is quilting, sewing or stitching, you'll appreciate this humorous tribute to the needle artist's most functional accessory .. the thimble. Available on t-shirts and gifts.
  • Geek Blue Geek Blue Embrace the academic dweeb, dork and nerd in you. If you live for math, band, science, computers, technology and other intellectual activities then this bold, blue geek design is for you.
  • Geek Daredevil Jump Geek Daredevil Jump It's a computer jump of geeky proportions. Will this costumed, scooter daredevil successfully ride the ramp and clear the computers? Catch this legendary stunt on t-shirts, gifts and more.
  • Archaeologist Dig Archaeologist Dig For the geeky dirt detective in all of us, a playful reminder that Archaeologists don't just scratch the surface, they dig deeper. Find this fun phrase and artifact digging tool on t-shirts and gifts.
  • I Do Geek Right I Do Geek Right If genius is your nick-name and you live for math, science, computers, technology or gaming, then you do geek right. Find this fun message about nerdy behavior on t-shirts, gifts and more.
  • 2h (2 hands) 2h (2 hands) Geek speak. Gameplay. It's a no brainer. It takes two hands to handle a gamer. Catch these sleek, silver, dueling video game controllers on t-shirts, tile coasters, gifts and more.
  • Parallel Universe Theory Parallel Universe Theory Here's a science design that gives a little recognition to those who dabble in quantum mechanical space and time theories, where alternate realities and parallel worlds are mathematically possible.
  • I Rook & Roll I Rook & Roll If chess rules and two rooks are worth more than a queen to you, then this flaming game piece design will rock your world. Find this fun, rockin' rook and roll look at a chess lovers castle on t-shirts and gifts.
  • Geek Love Particles Geek Love Particles It's geek love with this fun play on scientific affairs of the heart and super colliders, where particles meet and geek sparks fly. Find this explosive physics experiment on t-shirts and gifts.
  • Chess Knight Chess Knight For the chess lover who plays morning, noon and night, a tribute to this recreational yet challenging game of kings. Find this chessboard strategy, brain game design on t-shirts, gifts and more.
  • Math Jock Green Math Jock Green If algebra, geometry, trig, stats and calculus rule your world, then you're a math jock. Embrace your geeky, nerd grey matter and proudly proclaim your mathematical genius on t-shirts, gifts and more.
  • Nerdacious Nerdacious Combine bodacious with nerd and you get something that means nerdy, bold, audacious and eye catching fetching. Find this term for cute and attractive, outrageous nerdom on t-shirts, gifts, and more.
  • I Do Nerd Right I Do Nerd Right If you're the nerd of all nerds, if you're passion is science fiction, computers and technology, then you do nerd right. Find this fun, I'm the best nerd ever message on t-shirts, gifts and more.
  • Geek Computer Jock Geek Computer Jock If you're hooked on technology and spend all your time intellectually working out with your computer, then our high tech jock is for you. Find this all brawn and all brains geek on t-shirts and gifts.
  • Archaeologist Grave Archaeologist Grave Here's a fun play on the idiom "take it to one's grave" and the scientific, digging in the dirt, tomb study profession of Archaeology. Find this mummified, ancient uncovered artifact on t-shirts, gifts and more.
  • Zero Carbon Emissions - Flying Green Witch Zero Carbon Emissions - Flying Green Witch Here's a modern day witch and her black cat with a save the planet, ride a broomstick message. Find this get green, zero carbon emissions, not just for Halloween design on t-shirts, gifts and more.
  • Earth Family Tree Earth Family Tree Here's an environmental design that celebrates the bond between mankind, nature and our home planet. This Earth Day, support our global family tree with a green message of unity and conservation.
  • Grass Station Grass Station Spread green and fill 'er up with biomass materials at this alternative energy fuel pump of the future. Find this word of the year for 2007 on t-shirts, gifts and more.
  • Green In Our Time Green In Our Time Embrace this tall tree, planet earth design that calls to green the world in our time. This Earth Day and every day, show your support with a conservation, eco-energy message of global urgency.
  • Penguin Mortgage Meltdown Penguin Mortgage Meltdown During this sub-prime mortgage meltdown, victims of global warming are losing their homes too. Catch a glimpse into the shrinking ice future of this mother and baby penguin on keychains and gifts.
  • Earth Day Message Earth Day Message The planet's heating up and mother nature needs relief. Raise global warming consciousness with this environmental Earth Day alert ... the heat is on. Promote awareness on t-shirts, gifts and more.
  • Spring Flowers in Bloom Spring Flowers in Bloom The element earth, embodied in a delicate floral bloom. Enjoy the natural beauty of this fresh from the garden arrangement on USPS postage stamps and more. Perfect for the flower lover in your life.
  • Sheep Lawn Mower Sheep Lawn Mower Now a design that supports your green manicured yard and rediscovers nature's own environmentally friendly lawn mower: grazing sheep. Find this wooly grass clipper on t-shirts, gifts and more.
  • Surfing Irish Leprechaun Surfing Irish Leprechaun Isn't everyone a surfer on St. Patrick's Day? Enjoy a wee bit of pub humor when this beer toting, surfing Irish leprechaun hangs ten on his shamrock surfboard. Catch the curl on t-shirts and more.
  • Cowboy Hat Dad Cowboy Hat Dad Whether a greenhorn or a cowpoke, share the spirit of the wild west with your dad, husband, relatives or friends. This Father's Day, give them America's most enduring western icon, the cowboy hat.
  • Mother's Day Garden Mother's Day Garden Mom's Garden is a Mother's Day tribute to the loving hands that tend the soil, plant the seeds and nurture the flowers. Gardening hat included on t-shirts, gifts and more.
  • 4th of July Vintage Truck 4th of July Vintage Truck Celebrate the 4th of july all summer long with this red, white and blue vintage parade truck design. Relive those small town, State Fair, fireworks memories on t-shirts, magnets, gifts and more.
  • Catch an Irish Leprechaun Catch an Irish Leprechaun Legend has it if you're lucky enough to catch this napping leprechaun a shiny pot of gold will be yours. Watch this lass or laddie net a wee bit of green Irish magic on t-shirts, gifts and more.
  • July 4 July 4 Honor America's independence day with our simple 7.4, July 4th, red white and blue patriotic remembrance. It's a date worth celebrating on t-shirts, mugs, magnets, hats, gifts and more.
  • Christmas Sleigh Recycle Bins Christmas Sleigh Recycle Bins Fill it, toss it, recycle for green. These sleighs deliver gifts of eco clean. This Christmas, wear your ecosystem pride on t-shirts, pins and more.
  • Smooth and Happy Sailing Smooth and Happy Sailing It's bon voyage and smooth sailing when you pilot rough seas with our all aboard life preserver design. Don't face your next storm on land or water without this fun flotation device illustration.
  • NAVY SEALED With a Kiss NAVY SEALED With a Kiss Osama bin Laden is dead and the Navy SEAL 6 team got him! Celebrate the team who got the job done! Thanks, heroes!
  • Sailing Mouse on Vacation Sailing Mouse on Vacation Whether a luxury cruise ship vacation or freighter travel to tropical ports, your cabin room with an ocean view awaits. Set sail and see the world through our porthole and the eyes of a little mouse.
  • Shark Cirlce Travel Club Shark Cirlce Travel Club It's dorsal fin fun at the Shark Circle Travel Club with this jaw biting play on two popular phrases, the sharks are circling and moving in certain circles. Find this ocean fish, vacation migration on t-shirts, gifts and more.
  • Anchor's Away! Anchor's Away! Anchor's Away! Show your nautical pride!
  • Vintage Ham (Radio) Vintage Ham (Radio) "Coast Guard to Marine 8! Do you read me?" "Acknowledge!" 'Member the good ole days? Let this vintage ham radio design be a reminder of communications past. Wear your love of this antique communicator on t-shirts and more.
  • Ham Radio Ham Radio Ahoy, mates! Like hamming it up? This vintage ham radio brings back memories of sailing days of old. No iPod can hold a candle to it! But YOU can! Wear your love of seafaring equipment on t-shirts, sweatshirts, boating gifts, and more.
  • Rowing Crew Rowing Crew Here's a retro racing design for rowers and those who share a thrill and passion for rowing. Join the crew and skim across smooth waters with our, This Is How I Row motto on t-shirts, gifts and more.
  • Surfboards & Bike Surfboards & Bike It's a wave and pedal power combination that gives surf and turf a different twist. Find this surfboard and bicycle ride, in a contrasting black and white style on t-shirts, hoodies, gifts and more.
  • Water Polo Shot Water Polo Shot Enjoy this original illustration of a water polo player and ball. Catch this splashy, in the pool athlete on t-shirts, gifts and more.
  • Penguin Swim Club Penguin Swim Club Dive in for a few laps with the best Antarctica has to offer. Join this unofficial, just for penguin fun swim team and become a freestyling member of this flippered bird club. Available on t-shirts, gifts and more.
  • Vintage Bicycle Vintage Bicycle Want to ride your old bike again? Pedal back to the 1950's with this retro style, classy chassis, old school, red bicycle design. Collect this classic two wheeler on t-shirts, gifts and more.
  • Surfing Beach Bear Surfing Beach Bear Surf's up this vacation with a summertime visit to the beach. Join our cute, lovable bear with surfboard and umbrella in tow for a day of sun, sand and surf on t-shirts, kids clothes, gifts and more.
  • Space Rocket Ride Space Rocket Ride Deposit 10 cents and blast off into space. Explore your outer limits with this colorful retro rocket design, where pioneer astronauts fly to distant planets and stars on t-shirts, gifts and more.
  • interupted interupted For super moms who care for the family and juggle to make it all happen, it's business as usual: busy, busy, busy and a life of interruptions. Announce your interrupted status on t-shirts mugs and more!
  • I Text, Therefore I Am I Text, Therefore I Am Enjoy this humorous salute to technology, cell phones, text messaging and instant online messaging with a play on Decartes "I think, therefore I am" philosophy. Available on men, women, and children's t-shirts.
  • Yes! Yes! If you absolutely and undoubtedly want to express without hesitation, the world's most common affirmation, then our "yes" design is for you. Find this consenting reply on t-shirts, gifts and more.
  • No! No! Is there another word in the English language that expresses more attitude and refusal than the two letters N and O joined together? Now you can just say NO in NO uncertain terms on t-shirts and more.
  • don't touch my junk don't touch my junk Don't like being frisked? Wear this tshirt while traveling by plane and let your opinion be known about the new airport patdowns!
  • For Crying Out Loud For Crying Out Loud For Crying Out Loud 4COL Annoyed? In a "for goodness sakes" mood? Here's a design, in the language of text messaging, that lets you express your frustration in condensed code. 4COL, available on t-shirts, gifts and more.
  • Over and Out Over and Out Conclude your conversations and communications with this instant and text message acronym for "over and out" ... OO. Find this, so long, talk to you later design on t-shirts, iPod cases, gifts and more.
  • High Five High Five

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